Dress Code

Our clubhouse, golf course, practice, and pool areas adhere to a dress code policy. Members and guests are required to adhere to this policy. Members are responsible for communicating the dress code to their guests.

Golf Course Attire:

Men's golf course attire should align with current trends in golf fashion as found in Pro Shops and Retail Golf Outlets, with the following limitations:

a) Shirts worn on the golf course must feature both a collar and sleeves:
b) Drawstring pants, shorts, or sweat/workout-type pants are not permitted:

c) Denim or jeans are strictly prohibited on the golf course at all times

Women's golf course attire should adhere to current trends in golf fashion available at Pro Shops and Retail Golf Outlets, with the following limitations:

a) Sleeveless golf or sport shirts worn must provide full back coverage:

b) No drawstring pants, shorts or sweat/workout-type pants are allowed;
c) No stirrup pants or tights are allowed;
d) No denim or jeans are allowed at any time on the golf course.

Clubhouse and Practice Area Attire:

a) Appropriate attire is expected for all areas of the clubhouse;

b) No hats or visors are to be worn in the clubhouse area;

c) Denim, which must be in good repair without any rips, tears, frayed ends or holes, will be permitted in the clubhouse, Pro Shop, pool and practice areas only.

Swimming Pool Attire:

a) Swimwear should be appropriate and in keeping with the family atmosphere at the pool;

b) Cover-up must be worn outside the pool area;

c) Members and guests must use the locker room entrances if entering the clubhouse.

d) Swim wear is not allowed inside the clubhouse, except for the locker room areas.

Not permitted anywhere on Club property at any time:

a) Jogging suits or gym shorts;

b) Tank tops, cutoffs or halter tops;

c) Team Jerseys;

The dress code will not apply to children under the age of ten (10).

Any questions regarding appropriate clothing for any of our facilities should be directed to Mark DeActis, General Manager/Director of Golf.
The Clubhouse staff has authority granted by the Board of Directors to refuse clubhouse, golf or pool privileges to those in violation of the dress code.

We sincerely appreciate and thank you for your cooperation in adhering to our club’s "Dress Code".